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PVP System broken Empty PVP System broken

Post  rocketstr on Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:58 am

So it tells you to obtain PVP Tokens by killing players at Guru Arena which does not work. These may have features in the developement realm, not sure.

- Players under 1000 it prompts you that no bag was awarded because player level is too low.
- Players over 1000 it does not prompt you with anything, there is no pvp kill count added, no honor, no tokens, no bag.

- This was tested at multiple arenas other then Guru, and we haven't had enough people to start a Battleground to try in there. The NPC KopKilooo at mall also states nothing about the dropped bags if they do exist. Also adding a use for the PVP Cup would be nice.

Tankadin > 1000 Paladin
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