Big suggestion (Read it Careful it then Judge it :) )

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Big suggestion (Read it Careful it then Judge it :) ) Empty Big suggestion (Read it Careful it then Judge it :) )

Post  BeyondSteaLike on Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:11 pm

1:Quest item craftable Example: Style tabard and other Quest gives should be in Vendors this will help people not to wait for 2 days to make 1 item

2:Effects from Buffs should be removed, and style (Boss) spells effects are too bright or bad for eyes also needed to be removed, this will increase the fps of players also not hurt the eyes of players

3:Check Stats of items From tier 1 to 4 and weapons from 1-1k the stats are weird needed to be fixed ASAP Also WS items should have haste on them

4:Implement more dungeons also a VIP dungeon that is only for Only for vips.

5:Implement More Transmog npc's with items that are only for display, (Transmog) to a price for 50-200 Souls per item.

6:add more Pve and pvp stuff in server so players have to do things everyday in open world or Dungeons

7:Fix the Leveling areas, make mobs natural so people wont die from them only if they attack them

8:Add More buffs in VIP and normal buffs Like worgen and other buffs (Increase the time on buffs from 30 Minutes to 1 hour)

9:Remove the 3 Haste from Forge and make it one Haste (Global) Also implement more forge stuff (Greater gems and meta gems)

10:Add Custom spells to each class, or even buffs that are Unique (NOT Too powerful To prevent complains and stuff)

11:Add more titles that are hard to obtain Like 50 kills from (style or so on)

12: Fix discriptions on many spells that are contain // in them For example Vip buffs and ( i think its the issue from Patch 5)

13: Add more Ws items (Donor ones That require 1 Hero token) Boots Waist Wrist Libram Sigil shield idol totem


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