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Suggestions/some bugs Empty Suggestions/some bugs

Post  Junik on Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:01 am

Well Style as I promised here is the list.

First of all I haven't used english for quite long time so I'm sorry for my grammar.


The Art of War (ID 53488) - It disappears just after proc making this spell totally useless.
Seal of Command (ID 20375) - Doesn't actually hit other targets only main target. It's supposed to hit 2 additional nearby targets. Second thing there's problem with recast. It's supposed to give me same spell for 30 minutes duration. The duration is problem. It almost never gives me 30 minutes again. Sometimes 18,22,28 but not 30 minutes.
Hammer of Righteous (ID 53595) - Same as Seal of Command. It hits just main target. It's supposed to hit 2 additional nearby targets.
Avenger's Shield (ID 48827) - Useless spells right now because it misses target everytime I use it.
Divine Storm (ID 53385) - I know heal might be disabled for reason but it's healing 1 per target. Isn't better way just nerf it instead of disabling?
Beacon of Light (ID 53563) - You cast it on friendly target then heal yourself and friendly target with Beacon of Light should get same heal. Doesn't work.
Hand of Reckoning (ID 62124) - I think I've seen it reported it here that it does NO damage but it hasn't been fixed yet...

After each death you have to do relog because talents stop working.
Righteous Vengeance (ID 53382) - This talent doesn't work. It's supposed to give DOT on npc after I do critical with Divine Storm,Crusader Strike or Judgement. Damage of DOT is 30% of critical done with these spells.
Eye for an Eye (ID25988) - This talent pulls npcs. It's supposed to do return 10% of all taken critical damage to its attacker yet it pulls other npcs around me.

Leveling zones
Utgarde Keep - Kvaldir NPCs level 700-720 are missing
Utgarde Pinnacle - Kvaldir NPCs level 800-820 are missing
Sunwell Plateau - Kvaldir NPCs level 900-920 are missing

The Eye - Once you clear all 6 waves in room 2 there's supposed to be boss spawn yet nothing happens. Me and Snowie found out there might be problem with speed. It's impossible for somebody without donor items or VIP buffs do this room. Check it please and increase the time limit.
The Vault of Archavon - What's the reason for having it as instance? Why can't we enter it alone and have to log another account,invite it and enter in raid group?

Shadorain (in WS Quest Area) - This is more like suggestion but I still count it as bug. This npc offers us 1000 lvl gear but for Emblem of Frost. This token is impossible to get or at least I haven't got them yet. After checking ICC I realized it was dropping there. Could you add Emblem of Frost to dungeons as drop OR change price to SOULs in Shadorian vendor?
NPCs in mall - There are some NPCs for example Asgari <Stable Master> but it's actually Transmogrification NPC. Change its name from Stable Master to Transmog NPC. Same goes for gem vendor,mount vendor etc.


Greater Blessing of Might,Sanctuary,Kings,Wisdom (ID 48934,25899,25898,48938) - Make them castable without group.
Symbol of Kings (ID 21177) - Make them stackable to atleast 500-1000.
Vote weapons - Nobody will ever upgrade it from starter to 1000 level. Nobody trust me. Why? It's too much Vote Points. Change its price to just Vote level 1000 token and SOULs and add new versions like Collection set has. Reason? The problem is there's just like one worthy weapon for lvl 1000 at moment because nobody wants to spend vote points on upgrading vote weapons. Not everybody can use The Power of DOOM.
Proffesion Vendors - They are basically just 2 same NPCs with max 5-6 different items and still useless. Yea enough to level proffesion but useless to craft something usefull. Also it seems like they have resources up to Burning Crusade expasion(they're missing northrend resources)
Glyphs - Is there somekind of vendor? I didn't find any. Make one with SOULs as a price OR fix proffesion vendors so we can craft them.
Starter bags/shirt/tabard - Some kind of starter stuff with stats would be cool.
Double donation/vote events - Double donation points and vote points events for some time like other servers do.
More vote rewards - Race change,faction change,name change as vote rewards would be cool.
Leveling bosses - Faster respawn rate. It just takes too much time for bosses to respawn.
Vote points for playing - It's simple for every hour you get some vote points. This will force people to stay online and play. New players will see people are online and will join. This should help with population.


Consecration (ID 48819) - Ticks for 81426 dmg. That's like tickling boss.
Holy Shield (ID 48952) - Does 351 dmg,I guess it speaks for itself.
Seal of Vengeance/Corruption (ID for Vengeance 31801) - It considered as the strongest single target seal but Seal of Command(AoE seal) is way better. This should get a little buff.

I might add more suggestions in future,depends how things will be fixed and added.

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Suggestions/some bugs Empty Re: Suggestions/some bugs

Post  Pelf on Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:02 am

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Suggestions/some bugs Empty Re: Suggestions/some bugs

Post  Junik on Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:23 am

Signature fixed

Char name: Junik
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Level: 1000


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Suggestions/some bugs Empty Re: Suggestions/some bugs

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