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Transmorgifly Vendors. Empty Transmorgifly Vendors.

Post  forever97 on Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:04 am

Hello i wan't to suggest to make transmorgify custom items. I will explain what i mean..
TO NOTICE: I know that all sets are purchasable in-game but please read suggestion.

First, make a vendor with Custom Made Transmorgifly Weapons Or sets. What i mean? I mean Make a weapon like froustmourne, but one handed stats dosn't matter, so players with one hand will can transmorg their one hands like frostmourne, and stuff like that. Dagger Thunderfury, or Two handed Thundedfury, Armageddon sword. You can make that vendor cost any shards, souls, or maybe new vote item called Transmorgifly Token?
Trust me that will bring more players, and i think it should be made for sets to. Because i want Warrior Arena Season 1 Set, but i cant get it anyway because vendor isn't working, and its not purchasable anywhere...

Who will not like a dagger Shadowmourne? lol..

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